KrakowHomes Regulations

KrakowHomes Apartment Rental and Stay Regulations

Making a reservation for an apartment implies familiarity with and acceptance of these regulations.


1. Apartments are rented on a daily basis as part of the accommodation service.


1. Quiet hours are in effect in the apartments and the entire building from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.
2. Organizing parties/social gatherings in the apartment is prohibited.
3. Smoking cigarettes or tobacco products is strictly prohibited in the apartments, on balconies, and in the entire building.
4. Guests (individuals who have made a reservation and individuals staying in the apartment, hereinafter referred to as "Guests") should not disturb the peace of other building residents.
5. The owner may refuse further services to Guests who violate the above rules and is not obliged to refund money for any unused period of stay.


1. The owner does not allow pets to stay in the rented apartment.


1. Guests are required to maintain cleanliness in the rented premises, staircases, and other common areas of the building.
2. The Guest making the reservation is financially responsible for any damages and destruction caused in the apartment and common areas of the building where the apartment is located, as well as in neighboring apartments, resulting from their fault or the fault of other Guests and not arising from normal use of the premises.
3. Guests are prohibited from interfering with the furnishings, furniture arrangement, and security of the apartment.
4. Guests should promptly notify KrakowHomes staff of any damages as soon as they are discovered.


1. The number of overnight and staying persons in the apartment is limited to the number provided during the reservation. Bringing third parties into the apartment is not allowed unless agreed upon with KrakowHomes staff.


1. During check-in, the Guest who made the reservation must present a photo identification document (passport or ID card) and is obliged to settle the payment in advance for the entire period of stay if it has not been paid earlier.


1. Each time the Guest leaves the apartment, they should ensure that the doors are locked.


1. The owner reserves the right to collect a deposit of PLN 900 through KrakowHomes staff from Guests upon check-in for each reserved apartment. The deposit will be returned to Guests after check-out upon inspection of the apartment's condition.


1. KrakowHomes is not responsible for valuable items and money left in the rented apartment.


1. If a Guest checks out earlier due to reasons beyond the apartment owner's control or due to a violation of these regulations, they are not entitled to a refund for unused nights.


1. In the event of sudden malfunctions or other unforeseen events, the owner reserves the right to shorten the reservation. In the event of a reservation being shortened by the owner, they undertake to refund the Guest for unused nights.


1. The owner reserves the right for KrakowHomes staff to enter the rented apartment without the Guest's permission in case of: Guest's non-compliance with these regulations, identification of a threat to the safety of Guests or property, or in other situations inconsistent with social norms. The owner reserves the right to evict Guests from the apartment through KrakowHomes staff in the aforementioned situations.


1. The Guest can request changes to a confirmed reservation via email or phone. Changes to the reservation, such as date changes or the number of persons, can only be made with the knowledge and approval of KrakowHomes staff.
2. The Guest can cancel the reservation by email or phone. The cost of cancellation is 50% of the total rental price for cancellations made 60 days or less before the start date of the stay, and 100% for cancellations made 30 days or less before the start date of the stay.


1. Matters not regulated by these regulations are subject to the provisions of the Civil Code.
2. Any disputes will be resolved by the court competent for the owner of KrakowHomes apartments.