Red Desert Mirage

max 4 pers.
45 m2

Red Desert Mirage

This 3 level studio apartment cannot compare with anything you have seen so far. It has been remodeled to look and feel as if an African Village except it has abundant luxury hid out of sight. Air-conditioning, floor embedded Jacuzzi, beautiful lighting and sophisticated decorations made the space a mesmerizing hide out for aesthetes. The name – Red Desert Mirage truly reflects the apartment’s character with emphasis on beautifully simple and warm African style. The place is most ideal for a couple but has enough sleeping facilities to sleep up to 4 people.

The living room space is located in the lowest level of the apartment and thus is over 4 meters high. Natural conditions of the building dimensions created an opportunity to build 3 level apartment. We happily took up this chance and the result is very impressive.

Not to waste the valuable space of the apartment entirely we built a durable, concrete loft designed to be a beautiful bedroom. To make it a truly comfortable sleeping area we ensured it has its own ventilation system. Furthermore, to avoid warm air accumulating in the area of the loft in winter time, we used special in-floor heating system underneath which functions in completely different way compared with regular radiators. The area under the loft in the living room is very warm but the upper parts of the apartment have mild temperature. The access to the bedroom is through regular stairs.

The kitchen allows self catering in highest comfort. Apart from all useful appliances hidden out of sight or cleverly tuned into the African atmosphere, the kitchen lures in with its beautiful design.

Opposite the bathroom, bamboo wall hides entrance to Jacuzzi. The round wall inside is covered with hand-made-to-order tiles bearing an enormous image of big African tree. The fusion of ambiance lighting, African art and the comfort of Jacuzzi, will surely be your unforgettable experience.

“Brown Forest” is the name of the African stone we found - richly ornamented by the forces of nature, with tree like variable rings, the stone beautifies our front wall as well as makes a prefect background to the hand-made-to-order ceramic washing basin.

Bed configuration:
1. Studio
Queen type
Queen type
Air condition
Safe deposit box
Ironing set
Spa bath
Coffee machine
Pets not allowed
Washing machine
Smart TV